“Being in the wild, experiencing the landscape is essential if we are to repair the frayed wires of our connection with the natural world. We have slowly deserted our posts alongside the world with which we share breath. Getting back is difficult but to do so is, as Jim Perrin says ‘the making of a life, a mode of dwelling.’

Colin comes from a long line of storytellers and was born in a place where stories run like water.

Raised in the austere and brooding fenland landscapes of West Norfolk, it was here, wedged against the borders of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire that allowed Colin to have a childhood full of the outdoors, owl pellets, frogs and eels. His work is still closely associated with the coastal experience and the sea which was just a short bike ride away from his front door.

This, coupled with family camping holidays to almost every wild corner of the British Isles cemented in him his love of wildlife and the outdoors. Seeing a sparrowhawk kill a blue tit was the final straw: the natural world was a world he wanted to be involved in. It wasn’t long before birds, birdwatching and every creeping thing became an all-out obsession.

A University graduate of Public Health and graduate student of Environmental Science Colin became fascinated with the relationship between the human mind and nature. Since then he’s endeavoured to make a life as part of the nature that surrounds him.

He now works on a freelance basis and has written for many publications and organisations such as The Guardian, Earthlines, the National Trust BBC Wildlife, Slightly Foxed and Orion Magazine.  His first book, Shadows in the Hay was published in 2014 and has been praised as ‘a thoughtful exploration of our cultural estrangement from nature. It’s an elegant homage to the landscapes and places that shape us.’

He lives with his wife Anna amongst the chalk downs of Hampshire. Some say he’s a pretty handy guitar player and, for what it’s worth, he firmly believes Richard Thompson to be the finest guitarist and songwriter ever to have walked the earth.

He is afraid of rats.