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Leaving Babel

After the rigours of the day the shoulders are dropped and the land exhales. Behind me there is sparse and ancient woodland and I can hear the sound of a nightjar – altogether too languid a sound for such a … Continue reading

The Pilgrim Bird

For those, like me, whose thoughts and imagination flickers with the forms of birds, our sense of satisfaction that the world has made one more great circuit comes from carefully watching the points of departure and arrival. That we are … Continue reading

In the low edges

On Lundy a few years ago we watched kestrels in the strong island wind, amplified by the steep cliffs. This bird, a familiar friend seen almost every day hovering above the field margins was now something different. It had eschewed … Continue reading

The Crossing

  We were finally crossing the Romanian Danube on a flat-bottomed car ferry. As we we made our way across the water we spread the maps out on the bonnet of the car and looked carefully for the crossing point. … Continue reading

Honest Nature

The scene was quite beautiful. Freezing fog cloaked the park which in turn was surrounded by the yellow stone buildings of the ancient town which were, in places, highlighted by the sodium flare of the streetlights. The trees were black … Continue reading